Pro-Pride is one of the few companies in the entire Atlanta Metro area of offer you the amazing cleaning power of the “VORTEX” system, the World’s most Powerful Cleaning Machine

Our Cleaning Process

Step 1:  Dry Vac and Edge
Step 2:  Pretreat (spots and stains)
Apply cleaning solution to the entire area with 500 psi of pressure
Step 3:  Use VORTEX truck power and a high pressure steam extraction wand for fast
and deep rinsing of carpet fibers.  We use a pH stabilizer and with high-power
vacuum, we remove 95% of the water
Step 4:  Inspection of carpet with you to verify that all work was done to your safisfaction
Step 5:  Protect furniture and carpet by placing blocks or foil under furniture during the
drying process
Step 6:  Groom your carpet by brushing the pile for faster drying and a clean inviting look