Tile and Vinyl Floor Maintenance



Whether you need one time or ongoing service, we will perform a complete analysis of your commercial flooring so we may propose a customized maintenance schedule that will keep your floors looking fantastic at all times.  A list of services includes

  • Floor Stripping: The top coats of wax and buildup are removed to eliminate all traces of dirt and grime.
  • Waxing: After the floor is stripped, several coats of commercial grade VCT floor finish is applied to the floor to yield a protective, durable, glowing shine.
  • Sealing: More typical with concrete floors, after the floor is stripped, a high quality is applied.  This guards against soil penetration and abrasion and makes daily maintenance much easier.
  • Buffing: A light mist of Spray Buff solution is applied and several passes are made with a floor machine to yield a high gloss shine.
  • Scrub: A degreasing solution is applied to the floor and agitated with a floor machine to make quick work of any dirt, grease of oil, leaving your floors clean and looking great.

Pro-Pride Commercial Cleaning Services